Jean-Sébastien Wallez at The Family, Paris

## Jean-Sébastien Wallez
## French Entrepreneur. Product Engineer.
## Catch me on Twitter @jswallez

I design and code top-notch consumer apps.


About me

Currently working on something new, we are VC backed and looking for talented, friendly and ambitious iOS/ML engineers to join the adventure.

I’m also Part-Time Director at The Family, helping entrepreneurs build global businesses.

At 22, I created Noospher, one of the very first e-democracy startup projects in France. I then joined Itesoft-Yooz as CMO, an AP company listed on the Euronext stock exchange.

In 2017, I launched a Messenger's tutoring chatbot called Peter that reached more than half million users. We also developed AR lenses and games that have been played 100 million times and featured during Snap Summit 2019.

When the pandemic hit, I worked for a year on Aria, an app to create professional captioned videos in no time.

I occasionally do consulting and invest small tickets in 2-3 startups a year. At the moment, I'm learning SwiftUI and reading about decentralized finance.


2020 – Aria, auto-captions for your stories [$25k ARR]
2019 – Lala Vinski, virtual artist crafting Ethereum NTFs [1k followers]
2018 – Jomo Games, AR lenses for Snapchat [100m plays]
2017 – Peter, Messenger's tutoring chatbot [500k MAU]
2015 – Hola, mobile video chat based on Twitter trends [shut down by Apple]
2013 – Noospher, first e-democracy platform in France [35k sign ups]


2021 – Semper, launching soon
2020 – Unai, next-gen VR headset
2020 – Stripe, Internet payments
2020 – Airbnb, vacation rentals (pre-IPO)
2019 – Wanted, job hunting platform (acq. by Revolut)
2019 – The Family, European accelerator
2019 – Payfit, payroll for SMBs
2019 – Northflank, full-stack cloud platform
2019 – Algolia, ultra-fast site search
2018 – Shipfix, AI-powered maritime data
2017 – Ethereum, programmable blockchain
2016 – Bitcoin, digital money


2021 – Aria’s $400,000 seed funding
2020 – Aria — Three months to PMF
2020 – The Emotions Framework
2019 – Addiction is the new growth
2019 – A Moon around the Eiffel Tower
2018 – Welcome back
2018 – Long live Peter
2017 – Peter’s €400,000 seed funding
2017 – From 1 to 100K users in 48 hours


2019 – African Development University, Niamey
2019 – Snapchat Summit, Los Angeles
2017 – Digitalk, Sofia
2017 – Shift France, Paris
2016 – Lycée Rochambeau, Washington D.C.
2014 – LeWeb, Paris
2014 – Web Summit, Dublin
2013 – 101 projets, Paris


2019 – Snapchat’s new Landmarkers will make the Eiffel Tower puke rainbows, The Verge
2019 – Ces jeunes Français derrière les filtres à selfie les plus populaires, Le Figaro
2017 – Ce que l’intelligence artificielle peut apporter à l’éducation, Sophie Blitman
2017 – Peter, le chatbot d’aide aux devoirs, lève 400 000 euros, Maddyness
2014 – Noospher, la boite à idées modernisée, Le Figaro
2014 – La startup Noospher, créée par 4 gardois, réinvente la boîte à idées, Objectif Gard
2013 – Noospher : le réseau social créé par un étudiant Nîmois, Haut Courant



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